Karma and Air Travel

3 years ago….

I love to travel. I admit that I would sit at my economy class seat and watch the passengers walk in. Watch them enter one by one.

You know which traveller has it the best. It’s fuss free traveller with  a hooded sweater who takes off her footwear almost immediately after boarding. Comfy pants, dressed for comfort and she intends to have a snooze. Zero carry on luggage and maybe a small bag or backpack at most, tucked under the seat in front.

You have the 7kg carry on luggage travellers, desperate to save on access baggage costs, lugging a bathtub and pretending it weighs nothing. They will attempt to shove their carry ons into the cabin above you, completely oblivious to the queue of people snaking behind them. That is the precise moment a member of the cabin crew comes forward, with a cape, a batik cape nonetheless, and offers to help, with a wide smile and to the relief of the slithering tongues awaiting impatiently behind. Besides the loading and unloading  of bathubs in the overhead cabins, these travellers are also relatively harmless.

Then of course, you have the world’s favourite airline traveller…parents! They enter with furrowed eyebrows, holding their infants or toddlers, holding on to diaper bags so full they cannot be zipped and everyone,I mean everyone, looks up as they enter. Does everyone look at them to stare at admiration at their toddler’s cutesy bows or matching outfits?

erm.. NO.

As I look at them, I and every other passenger ,who is not yet a parent, is looking at them, intently, closely, tracking their every step, squinting to see the number on their boarding pass between their teeth.. and probably for the first time that day, we all say a prayer. A silent prayer, hoping that we are not seated too near these parents and their precious toddlers. You see, I love children. I do. But sometimes, the precious curly haired doll face wearing the cutest outfit can produce screams capable of deafening an entire nation. Screams that do not stop. Screams that you can do nothing about. Parent sits… right next to you. Cutesy toddler looks at you. You smile. Toddler erupts in a scream that reminds you that your sense of hearing is pretty sharp and you can indeed withstand 100 decibels.

All of these passengers also have the same thought. Why would I ever travel with a baby? Will they remember a thing?

Interestingly, some of these passengers get married, have kids and then eventually… travel with kids!

3 years later….

I love to travel. I admit that I am watched by others from my economy class seat. They stare at me and my daughter and I recognise that stare!

Karma, my friend, is always fair. And that is the beginning of Family Honeymoon.com, where your honeymoons are now family centred. The sweet memories you create are with your little adorable babies as they sleep with chocolate covered smiles. Keep your earplugs within reach.