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Dear Mums and Dads in Singapore,

As we dive straight into Home-Based Learning in Singapore, here are more simple ideas for you and your children. (Mine is a 4.5 yr old)

As we all know, Tuesday marks the day that all non essential businesses shut down.Do take some time to educate our young ones about the virus and what essential services are – Food (Takeaway only), Groceries, Banks , Garbage disposal, Postal Services and Transport Services for those who have to work still. Explain that Mummy and Daddy will also be working from home (or not and why) and all schools are shut for a month so that we can help ensure the virus doesn’t spread.

The activities I’ve chosen for this week centre around money and jobs.

(1) Watch the Brainpop Video About the Corona Virus Here

(2) Sort your coins!

Get plates, your festive cookie tray and your kid’s piggy banks. Use your Hari Raya,CNY or Deepavali goodie tray!

Get them to sort coins according to denomination. (5 cents, 10 cents, 50 cents, $1)


Extension of activity would include:

Getting them to guess and then count total amount.

Roll a dice to ‘Make a Dollar’. Your kids have to roll a dice e.g it lands on 4 and they can choose 4 coins to make up $1. If they exceed $1, they have to put back all their coins and start again. First one to reach exactly $1 wins!

(2) Make a Money Tree!

Screenshot_20200405-235629_Samsung Internet

Use a variety of coins and colour pencils. Place a coin under a piece of paper and rub onto the coin with the colour pencil to create an image of the coin.

Extension of the above activity could include matching the coins to the tracings, guessing and counting the total amount or creating a coin caterpillar, coin flower and a coin tree.

(3) Supermarket at Home!


Photo: K2 class at Pat’s Schoolhouse Katong

Get kids to create a supermarket at home using items in pantry. Use post its to mark prices and write names of items ( in English and maybe even in their 2nd language!)

Once they have set up the supermarket, they can use real money to pretend play. Create some challenges e.g Buy items using only $30 and is important for family needs for one week. Get them to reflect on why they chose such items.

Cashier can also give change, count total of items – Good opportunity to practise addition, subtraction and multiplication.

(4) Video or Phone call about Jobs!

Spread the love, Mums and Dads. Ask your children to call their working from home grandparents, Aunts or Uncles for an interview about their jobs and how they work from home. Some starter questions

(1) Your age,


Your favourite food/drink/colour/animal
(2) Tell me about your job, what do you do?

(3) Where do you work?

(4) Do you go to work now?

(5) Do you enjoy your job? Is it an essential service?

(6) What is the best or worst thing about working from home?

Children can either write all the information down or retell it to you later. Try using a video call for more fun! You can even get kids to dress up in Daddy’s coat and tie. #interview

(6) Body Art – My career goals!



Get a huge Mahjong Paper and get kids to lie down and trace outline of their bodies. They can then decorate, write or draw inside the body outline with their career goals e.g Astronaut drawing of an astronaut or even write down what they need to get there; Interest in outer space, love of astronomy etc.

(7) Coins and Notes: Singapore History

Give your kids some dollar notes- $2, $5, $10, $50 and ask them to study it carefully and load the PPT for more understanding of our current bank note series.

Do they know who is the man on our bank notes?

Study the $5 note and spot the tree!

Download PPT Singapore Dollars and Coins

I bet many parents also do not know the facts above. Our national anthem is printed on our $1000 note!

(8) Nature Faces

Talk to kids about how they would feel now and once they can go back to school again, after 1 month. They can use leaves, flowers, anything at home to create a self-portrait.


Hang in up in their rooms and you can look back at this after 1 month and ask them what they have learnt about staying home. Remind them that by washing hands often, staying home and not meeting their friends at the playground or at their homes, they will be back in school in no time!

Happy Family Honeymooning!

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